Pure Professional Grade Chlorella Pyrenoidosa 
in VegiCaps and Powder

Nature's Balance Chlorella

  • Nature's Balance Chlorella is cultivated outdoors in mineral-rich freshwater ponds. The entire process from strain maintenance in the laboratory to harvesting of the final product is monitored by microbiologists to ensure optimal nutrient value and product purity.

    Chlorella has been the focus of many medical and scientific research projects since the 1960s, many of which have been devoted to studying the mechanisms by which it accelerates the body’s capacity to detoxify heavy metal and chemical toxins.

    Another well-researched feature has been its ability to strengthen the innate immune response. It’s little wonder that chlorella has become a popular health food today among those who are aware of its unique properties.

    This green single-cell freshwater algae is a rich and balanced source of many nutrients that are essential to health but increasingly deficient in today's diet of denatured, processed and refined foods.

    Globalized ‘agri-business’ farming and food production policies and practices over the past 30 years have had a devastating effect on the global food chain.

    Multinational corporations and their corrupt political puppets have opened a Pandora’s Box with the forced introduction of Genetically Modified crop seeds. Contrary to assurances that these GM seeds would increase yields and help feed a hungry world, reality has shown us that greatly increased levels of toxic agri-chemicals are necessary to even match the crop yields from unmodified seed sources.

    Chlorella's most outstanding feature, and one that sets it apart from other 'super foods', is its proven ability to assist the body in detoxifying harmful air-, water- and food-borne 'heavy metals' and chemical pollutants; proven contributors to many of today's common degenerative disease conditions.